Thursday, October 8, 2015

Goodbyes and New Beginnings

The goodbyes in Perth were difficult at best, but most difficult was being away from Tom for five very long weeks...Lily adores her Daddy and I really missed my best friend.

To make a long story short, Tom flew to Florida at the end of July to organize our move to Florida whilst I worked on packing up our house as well as our fur children in Perth. Lily and I arrived in Florida at the end of August and were positively thrilled to be reunited with Tom. 

I will say that we really appreciate your continued thoughts and prayers as we work on getting settled. A big part of the reason why I haven't updated the blog is that things have been very difficult with Lily making the move. She misses her best mate, Lola, as well as everything that was familiar to her. We are learning that what matters most is the people in our life, not the things. Let's face it: that is a difficult lesson for anyone to learn, much less a five year old.

Lily started Kindergarten and loves her teacher, Mrs. Pratt. Her school has been a big adjustment considering her school is enormous (1,000 kids) compared to her school in Australia (250 kids). We are loving the neighborhood and I am very excited about the house...Tom did a great job finding it for us. I literally saw it for the first time at our final inspection which was one hour before closing.

The best part of the house is that we love having a pool while Ruby and Opal love having a back yard. Ruby also loves swimming in the pool while we are pretty sure that Opal had never been swimming before. It was hysterical!

At this point, we are thankful for progress and progress is being made each and every day. We made the most amazing life long friends in Perth and appreciate the opportunity to have lived abroad. My sweet, little family is stronger for the expat experience and I am honestly a better person as well as mum, too.

Lily's birthday dinner at the food court with Lola and Tom
I loved going to dinner with Edweena and Christy
Organizing the air shipment by priority 1, 2, 3. Everything else went into our suitcases or the sea container which is due to arrive at the end of October.
Who doesn't love a pink tiara? Thank you, Sally!
Cuddles before Ruby and Opal depart for the USA...
...a postcard from LA. We loved the company that we used to transport the girls. If you need to fly you animals, please be sure to ask me the name!!
My goodbye dinner with the mums from Chinese class.

Lily out in the city with her favorite babysitter, Cassie. This was a tough goodbye for us both!
Lily adores Cassie!!!
Lily saying goodbye to the aquarium and Hillary's Boat Harbor.

Pizza night with dress up fun!! L to R: Ava, Lola, and Lily
Ruby and Opal on USA soil!!
Mama and Lily park day date...we started at the slide park and literally did not stop!!

Goodbye creche
Skipping snakes
Goodbye Stickybeaks

Goodbye Miss Amy, Kumon teacher.
Lily and Sara, her best mate from school
Goodbye Miss Diane, Mandarin teacher.

Goodbye beautiful sunsets on the Indian Ocean

What better way to spend our last day at school and in Perth? A school excursion aka walking field trip to the library for story time!!

Goodbye Sara.
Goodbye Lola.
Hello America, land of Cheerios!!! I completely missed taking a picture of Lily with Tom as we were all too happy to finally be reunited.
Hello Ruby and Opal.
Thank you, Lozza, for the fun shopping adventure!
Hello Lego time with Daddy!
Hello new school, Heron Heights!
Our traditional first day of school ice cream!!!
Hello pool!
Helping Daddy assemble a huge map of the world thanks to Grandpa!!

Hello new Kumon class!
Hello new Mandarin class!
Lily was thrilled to see Opal in the "dog house" she made for the girls.
Opal sleeping on the computer...does this qualify as a working dog? :o)

Lesson Learned: "Know who you are and whose you are..." - Fannie Mae Caldwell